Looking for adventure on the caminhos dos canions do sul ? The Timbeleza team is ready to help you to explore spectacular places on our Geopark territory.

Located in Timbe do Sul, considered the state capital of mountains and cristal- clear waters,, this adventure tourism specialized agency offers different options of activities such as trails, abseiling, horseback riding, ballooning, mountain climbing, and paragliding. They also offer tourists tourists with complete stay accomodation , tours, showing the best places for camping, hosting and feeding.

Among valleys and mountains, some of the trails stand out , such as trekking through the interior of the Rio Fortuna Canion, Scissor Hawk trail, Curtain Waterfall, Palmiro Portal and the Armadillo den paleo burrow.

The guides know the region pretty well, having more than 10 years of experience conducting adventurers with routes prepared for those who wish to be in harmony with the worderful and conserved nature of Timbe do Sul.


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