Besides Timbé do sul´s many wonderful natural attractions, the Santa Catarina state hills and crystal clear water also reveals special experiences for those who wish to know the local gastronomy. The Vila Nova Rural Restaurant is a grreat destiny.

The place offers snacks and meals with that homemade flavour, all cooked by the Pelizzari family. More than 80% of the food is produced at the property. The restaurant is opened on saturdays, sundays and holidays serving special meals like Tilapia fish caught in the family´s own dams. The cane syrup or a natural juice are perfect to go with this super tasty snacks. And for a grand finale, how about an artisanal ice cream ?

Besides snacks, the Restaurant also offers the option of lunch for groups and events such as busines meetings. weddings and birthdays. They are opened 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, exclusive for groups of minimun 15 and maximum 100 people. As everything is fresh, and many products hasvested directly from the family garden, a previous reservation is important.. The costumer chooses the menu at the reservation time. The family offers homemade options from simple dishes like chicken and polenta, lasagne and pasta to a full buffet with barbecue and different organic salads.

Colonial and artisanal products can be bought there. For completing this experience, the tip is to talk to the family and learn about the history of the place, that was an old tobacco greenhouse. In search of more quality of life, they choosed the building of an aviary on the property and later, the greenhouse structure became a restaurant and agribusiness.

For more info
☎️ (48) 99171 1318
☎️ (48) 99145 5511


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