Grandma Liane Inn, located in Praia Grande ( SC) keps that cozy way of welcoming those who arive at the capital of the Canions. It offers chalets with one or more rooms, resting lounge and privileged view to the Malacara Canion. It also offers the Cedro da Serra House, with 12 people capacity, complete kitchen, barbecue pit and three restrooms.

Fun is guaranteed at the different leisure spaces : swimming pool , lots of green area, giant swing and fishing lakes. The panoramic street decorated with umbrellas is perfect for the ones who appreciate nice photographs.

" Family " is the word that best sums up the essence of this little piece of paradise at the foot of the canions. The hostel name honors Grandmother Liane ( in memoriam), Mr Francisco Nunes´ wife, who decided to turn the property into a magic place for hostage where nature, positive vibrations and coziness are the highlights. Each chalet is named after a grandchild : Laura, Isadora and Eduardo. They have already hosted tourists from 51 countries. Mr Francisco tells that the whole team really enjoys contact with people and worships conversations always in search of improvements.

The breakfast prepared with all affection is one of the most special moments for who are staying there. Grandma Liane still offers a place for buying dairy products, all pure and natural , like the wine and the organic grape juice, brown sugar, apple vinegar, banana juice among other typical regional delights.

Have you ever thought about of the beautiful surprise that is waking up and seeing balloons colouring the dawn ? The Inn offers its own balloon that provides the hosts unforgettable moments at the capital of the Canions. It is also pretty standard to see balloons departuring on the side of the property.

With an excellent location, it´s very easy to get to the various attractions nearby. Grandma Liane Inn is located only 1 km from the waterfalls at the base of the mountains, 3 km from tha Malacara Canion, 11km from Rio do Boi ( Ox river) and 22km from the Itaimbezinho Canion.

For more info
(48) 99985 1330
(48) 99979 3921


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