The experience of visiting Timbé do Sul is not complete without passing by this place. THe famous Coffin Pit is a check point for residents, tourists, motorcyclers and adventurers. With more than 30 years, the place offers leisure any time of the year. with camping, inn, restaurant, bar, kiosks with barbecue pit and a great infra structure for events. All of this surrounded by the exuberant nature by the crystal clear waters of the Serra Velha river. Entrance is free and fun is guaranteed.

The vocation as a meeting point comes from a long date. In the times of the troopers it served as a resting and camping place. With Mr Vilson and Aunt Ide´s work, it became a refference by the balls and parties, having its infra structure extended. THe assiduous frequenters of the Coffin Pit save in their memory the good stories they lived there with auntie Ide, that was always ready make it happen, loved the events and welcomed everyone with her spontaneous way.

Throughout the years, the place became popular for gathering thousands of people in events such as Rock event concerts, Garota Vôo livre, " Costelaço" (traditional barbecue made from the Ox's rib for 12 hours in the barbecue pit), Motocross championchips, the Summer Festival and diverse motorcyclists encounters. It´s also the craddle of free flight in town. That´s the place the sport lovers gather around before and after flights.

In this piece of paradise , it is possible to stay in Cabins with kitchen and up to 3 bedrooms, wich comfortably accomodate those who are looking for a rest close to nature.

Tia Ide Restaurant is open to the public. From monday to friday, offers free buffet, a la carte dishes and, on sundays, special buffet. They also serve colonial coffee for groups through previous reservation. The restaurant is a great space for social and corporate events.

For more info
☎️ (48) 99161 5254
☎️ (48) 99118 3589
☎️ (48) 3536 1099


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