Located in the countryside of Morro Grande, the Saltinho Inn and Restaurant offers various attractions for who looks for resting, leisure and contact with nature at the Caminhos dos Canions do Sul. Considered a true ecological refuge, it is possible to perform different trails in the middle of nature in this vast area next to Saltinho river.

The footpath on water provides a unique experience, where the visitor can stroll calmly over the slab, inside the river with crystal-clear water . Other trails , with different levels of difficulty call attention, such as the Bamboo, Palm trees, Banana trees and hill trails, The space also has a suspension bridge, an adventure for all ages .

To stay at the site , the inn offers : houses, chalets and a large shack, with 12 people capacity. The restaurant is opened to the public 7 days a week, through reservation, serving from breakfast to dinner, All of that with the unmistakable " Granny made food" . Sunday lunch with a free buffet is very sought by tourists and local residents. Other delicious attraction is the " Cafe da Roça" , with many colonial products such as breads, home made cakes baked with love and knowledge in the kitchen , The rustic and cosy restaurant is perfect for social and corporate events.

Besides the restaurant and the hosting infrastructure, the place counts with a camping area, fishing lakes, children´s playground, bocce court, volleyball court, and soccer field . There is no need to be hosted for enjoying all of fthis . The Saltinho Inn also offers a single day ticket.

It is a great destiny to enjoy good moments stroling with your family or friends with simplicity, comfort and that typical countryside life coziness.

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☎️ (48) 99981-0599
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