The " Canion Corner" inn is located on the Serra do Faxinal foothills, in Praia Grande ( SC ) , 1 km from the city center and with a privileged sigthseen to the Malacara Canion. The chalets stay on the banks of a river with crystal clear waters descending from the canions and forms beautiful natural pools where it is possible to bathe.

In this warm and familiar environment, the owners have the mission of offering the best possible service taking care of every detail so that guests have an incredible experience in the Capital of the Canyons, from hosting to tour scheduling that can be done in the region, with guidance services from the Inn itself.

It gives the hosts the opportunity to live the typical countryside atmosphere with the simplicity and the warmth of Grandma´s house. With artisanal touch, almost everything at the "Canions Corner" is produced by the owners. The breakfast has food straight from the family rural property such as coffee, organic banana and honey. They also offer visits to the production site.

With a special deck to access the Molha Coco river, the Inn invites the guests to relax listening to the water falling and the bird singing. The place is perfect for fishing, bathing and for sports practice such as kayaking. Excellent infraestructrure for who wants moments of comfort, quietness and joy in the midst of nature.

Below there are some protocols and hygienic cares for a safe and nice staying.

The Inn offers :
5 chalets
Gaming room
Air conditioning
Cable tv
wI -fi
Free parking

For more info :
☎ (48) 99146 9781
📨 [email protected]


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