With more than 35 years of experience, the Nautic Family is specialized in nautic services in Torres and its surroundings. The company is result of the work and dedication of Commander Adriano, professional deep- sea fisherman and boat pilot for over 15 years. His wife Ana Lucia and his daughters Lais and Louise also work at the company.

The powerboat with capacity for up to 15 people, it has bathroom, kitchen, closed cabin, bunk beds and offers a complete experience, wether in salt or fresh water. It has all safety equipments and follows all the demands of the Brazilian Navy

Rentals are made on the following modallities :

* Private, for exclusive groups - Hourly or daily rentals, with sailor and commander at disposal and route choosen by the costumer.
* Shared - individual ticket , tour made with other passengers. The route is by river or high sea.
* Ocean sport fishing - Covering the Parcels of Torres and Capão da Canoa, the company offers full equipment for high seas fishing.

Check the tours routes :

OPEN SEAS ADVENTURES : Departure from Mampituba River towards the open sea passing the breakwaters. On the coast, you can see the city from totally different angle , and the Farol hill rocky walls also. The waves hiting the rocks turn the landscape more singular. It is also possible to make a stop for that sea bath to recharge the batteries.

THE MAJESTIC MAMPITUBA RIVER : After contemplating the Barra breakwaters, the ship returns toward the Serra, passing by the bridges connecting the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. That´s an amazing experience through the bends of the river, observing the wild forest and animals like Otters and Capybaras.. A tour in calm waters with exuberant landscaping that can be done anytime of the day but, becomes even more special at the sunset time.

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