Meet one more partner company of the geopark !

Carlinho Restautant has the tradition of serving with taste and quality in the capital of the canyons since 2008 . Open daily, it offers buffet with a variety of salads, hot dishes, glills and roasted meat.. Just like the way the costumer wants.

The family team ensures the fine service. They offer free buffet, buffet by the kilo, and delivery mode. All that with that special home made taste. The tasty and free dessert buffet is also one of the highlights that conquer the the costumers.

They usually welcome lots of workers and tourists passing by Praia Grande. Therefore, the team is trained to help on spreading the city´s attractions and the place is full of beautiful canyon pictures.

On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays is prepared the delicious Roasted " Big Rib" ( Costelão Assado, Ox rib roasted generally for 12 hours on the barbecue pit), the restaurant diferential, very praised by the costumers. They also offer barbecue at the table on sundays, besides roasted meat available with the grills every day.

The variety of the buffet satisfies all tastes . There are different kinds of salads with many products straight from family farming. It still offers an exclusive table with " rechaud" and hot dishes on every day.

For the ones that appreciate a good artisanal cachaça, the restaurant has the Tasting Corner with a variety of cachaça and caipirinha for free to go with the lunch. Just get there and serve ! In the service with the waiters, you have options of drinks such as beers, soda, and juices made with typical local fruits, such as passion fruit, açai, among others, straight from the producer.

The place , with capacity for up to 350 people is also perfect for the realization of events at night, served under reservation. Air conditioned environment and commitment to sustainability, with the use of solar energy.

Pets are welcome

Attendance daily from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and on holidays until 2:30 p.m.
Works with different forms of payment.
1082 Mario Bordignon st - next to Nacional Gas station
Telefone: (48) 3532-1769 / (48) 99116-0216


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