With an eco friendly proposal, the Cambara Eco Hotel offers an exclusive experience of leisure and integration with the environment. It is located 1,5 km from dontown Cambara do Sul, 17 km from Itaimbezinho Canyon and 23 km from Fortaleza Canyon. It offers 37 apartments and accomodations in two categories: Luxury and suites., with a view to the field or to the lake.

Cambara Eco Hotel offers attractions such as ecological trails, pedals, kayaks, sports fishing, sports court, playground , game room and swimming pools. Still offers restaurant and places for social and corporate events . They also offer complete packages that includes tours.
Besides all the comfort, th egreat highlight is the commitment with sustainability. The good practices in sustainable managment, based on the standard ABNT NBR 15401 , have already guaranteed manw awards to the hotel, such as the Braztoa Prize of Sustainability and the Top Brasil of sustainability, the most important national sustainable entrepeneurship prize. The Cambara Eco Hotel is known also by other titles, amog them are : Certificação Internacional Sistema B. Passaporte Verde, an UN program for the environment : Eco lider Ouro- Trip advisor and Hotel eco Responsible- Brazilian institute of Nature Defense.

The hosts are involved in environmental education . Eco Hotel also has anaerobic sewage treatment, capture and reuse of rainwater, correct waste separation on the apartments and common areas, blankets made from plastic bottom fibers among other differentials.

The meals include organic food straight from the producer. 100 % of the hotel uses totally clean energy produced by the fotovoltaic system at the place. Waste is recycled through partnership with local cooperatives and re used internally. Other important highlight is the planting of 7,000 native trees and shrub seedlings.

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☎️ (54) 3251.1703
☎️ (51) 9.8051.3777
✉️ [email protected]


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