A place to enjoy the typical countryside delights, the " Blended Coffee" , in Mampituba, is the paradise you find table full of special options to feed your body and your soul with the culinary wonders made by our people.

The Cafe is located in the Roça da Estância community. Most of the food is prepared by the skilled hands of Maria Zanetti, known by everybody as Dona Zane. What is not made directly by her, is acquired from neighborhood farms.

With so many sweet and savory options to whet the appetite, it´s hard to choose where to begin to taste this banquet. The photos prove that ! All products are a great sucess but, among the most praised highlights are items such as homemade bread, " Paçoca de Pinhão", Corn bread with Cará potato, " Cuca", " Grostoli" and "Salame" made by Dona Zane Family.

But it´s not only the coffee that you have to try ! Dona Zane also prepares lunch and dinner with home made traditional dishes that bring the simplicity of the countryside with much affection. For any meal option, wether for breakfast, lunch, coffe break or dinner, it is mandatory to schedule previously for better attendance. The cafe only works under reservation.

The place is very sought by tourists, adventurers and cyclists after the tours by the region to enjoy that special break to "recharge the batteries" . The Cafe com Mistura also hosts events such work get-togethers, special dates and birthdays.

Get ready to live this delicious experience at the Caminhos dos Canions do Sul Geopark !

For more info
☎ (48) 99142 1808 (adicione o contato e confira o catálogo completo no WhatsApp com opções e valores)
📍 Roça da Estância – Vale do Rio da Panela – Mampituba (RS)


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