The " Scrub - Beast" Eco- Tourism is an agency located in south Santa Catarina, where stays the National Aparados da Serra Park and the Serra geral .

Geared towards activities in natural environments, it´s main objective is to disseminate and encourage the touristic development of the region around the parks, perfect place for trekking, abseiling, cascading, abseiling, escalade, free flights, river and waterfall baths inside the canyons, besides contemplating the wonderful landscape.

The agency based in Jacinto Machado has a team that know the region pretty well, always updated with the attracticions and visiting conditions, prioritizing tourist safety and a total integration with nature to bring you the best experiences when you get to know the Caminhos dos Canions do Sul

The agency invests in the qualification of its team to provide a different experience for its costumers and it has a guide with a university degree in Tourism. They also estimulate knowledge related to the tours, transmitting information that might contribute on interpreting the landscape through the trails.

Among the main activity options that the agency offers, there are the trails on the top of the Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza Canyons. Or the visitor can go at the bottom of the canyons between the rock walls and wonderful landscapes such as Ox (boi)river and Black Tiger ( Tigre Preto) river trails, besides other adventure options to feel the enery of the cristal- clear waters of the Malacara Canyon and Bizungo Waterfall.

For more info
(48) 9 8865 7819
Email: [email protected]


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