Here is another example of a company committed to a sustainable development of our teritory. Barbaqua Açai preserves the authentic açai flavour, manufacuring a pure dish with the fruit, free of any addictive and which materialises the commitment to plant today a better future for all.

The açai fruit is extracted from Juçara, native palm tree found in the municipalities of the geopark. Most of the extraction is done by family farmers, enhancing the agro-ecological movement. Part of the fruits are cultivated at the Barbaqua Farm, in Mampituba, Rio Grande do Sul. The agribusiness has its headquarter in Praia Grande, Santa Catarina.

Açai Barbaqua is recognized as an organic and agroecological product, certifed by Ecovida Network. It also has the family agribusiness MAPA certificate. It´s the first açai in Brazil to use biodegradable package.

The products are marketed in individual frozen packages and in kits on a monthly subscription system, in partnership with other producers. In this model, the costumer recieves at home a box containing açai, banana and molasses. All organic. For being a pure food, it can be consompted even for kids for 6 months of age on.

Barbaqua Açai is a movement that seeks to offer more quality of life for all those invited in this cycle, from production to consumption. The company worships Juçara as a secondary source of income for the families, creating new opportunities of sustainable business, respecting the environment and people.

The company also carries out the " Juçaras around Project" , that distributes palm seedlings generated in the production . The aim of the project is to support Juçara trees, by informing farmers of the importance of the species for the maintenance of the Atlantic Forest Biome.

>>> Previous scheduling to the Barbaqua farm and agribusiness is needed.

☎ (48) 99650.9228


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