The " Good taste" bakery bakes breads, salted and sweet biscuits, cakes, pies and other delicacies. The name speaks for itself ! The products have that unmistakable home made taste. Everything is always brand new, made by the skilled hands of Dona Eva Corrêa, with the experience of someone who has worked in the kitchen for many years.

The house is full of options to make that moment around the table even more special. Among them are the salty and the sweet "cavacos"- tratidional product of the region, perfect for snacking. The cakes are mouth-watering just by looking at them, with healthy and functional options too, made with Ora - pro- nobis ( like the one shown in the image )

The pies and the salty delicacies made to order for events are also a true spectacle. They take orders of Colonial coffee, artisanal special cookies and, for warming the cold days, what about ordering the traditional soup on bread ?

The bakery is opened daily , from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with isles full of delicacies.

📍 Rua Luiz Bina, s/n – Morro Grade (SC)
☎ (48) 3544 0093


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