The 'Home of the Canyons " inn is located between the cities of Cambará do Sul ( RS ) and Praia Grande ( SC), on the Faxinal Highlands, at the base of the Aparados da Serra National Park canyons and Serra Geral .Itaimezinho canyon is only 12 km from there.

It offers confortable huts that allow its guests to have a privileged view of the Canyons and even the sea shore on the horizon, once it´s 650 m high.

It offers the following infra structure :
10 chalets for couple or families accomodation
Reception with living room and TV room;
* Exclusive restaurant for guests
* 2 Warmed up pools ( one of them is covered )
* Wine Cellar
* Game room
* Belvederes with view to the Canyons ;
* Trails by the woods ;
* Horseback rides ;
* Over 100 options of films in dvds and blu rays ;
* Romantic packs ;
* Personalized advice on the choice of tours ( Canyons and Peraus)
* Bistro inside Inn area opened all day ;
* Wi - FI in all Inn area


The home of the Canyons invests in local workmanship and training of communitu people. It uses renewable products for heating up their swimming pool and solar energy.

For more info :
📨 [email protected]
☎ Escritório/Reservas: (48) 3198-8443 – (48) 3532-1590
☎ Recepção/Whatsapp: (48) 3198-8443


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