The Pelizzari Family Agribusiness, in Timbé do Sul produces high quality molasses, and brown sugar with an irresistible taste. The total natural manufacturing process, without any additives or preservatives, guarantees the purity of the food and makes all the difference in the taste of those who consume these delicacies on a daily basis.

The sugar cane is planted on the Pelizzari family property,which directly that cares of all production process. It is worth booking a visit to the site to get to know the work close and to follow the production process of the sugar and the molasses, while enjoying a nice ride in Timbe do Sul and living that sweet experience.

The products can be bought at local shops, such as fruit shops and supermarkets, and also at the Family Farming Fair, which takes place at Timbe do Sul downtown

Besides sugar and molasses, certified as agribusiness products , the Pelizzari family also trades other colonial and artisanal products such as licor, cachaça, pé de moleque , pork crackling , honey and doce de leite, among others. Special food .

For more info
☎️ (48) 99171 1318
☎️ (48) 99145 5511



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