Geotour Itinerary

One destination. Many experiences.

The Geoparque Caminhos dos Cânions do Sul features charming destinations in unique locations, each with its own peculiarity, providing many experiences within a single itinerary. A territory full of attractions uniting natural and cultural heritage.
Much more than a journey of adventure, faith, gastronomy, sensations and discoveries: we invite you to live experiences that will be engraved in your memory.

What is a Geotour Itinerary?

It is a tourist itinerary that promotes, in a sustainable way, areas that have geological formations as main attractions.

The itinerary main objetives are:

  • The interaction between the local community and the visitor;
  • To promote the knowledge about geodiversity existing in the sites;
  • Valuing the natural and cultural heritage;
  • To enhance the existing local economy, as well as the creation of new businesses, generating income for the communities;
  • Strengthen the local tourist vocation by creating a tourist identity.

The Caminhos Cânions do Sul geosites cover the most representative places with recognized scientific, educational and touristic value within the regional geodiversity.

The Itinerary




Night life

Torres - RS

The Geotour starts in Torres, a city with approximately 35,000 inhabitants, located on the north coast of Rio Grande do Sul, known internationally for its natural beauty and the International Ballooning Festival. Torres has excellent infrastructure such as hotels, bars, restaurants, commerce and tourism agencies.

Tourist Service

Casa do Turista (Tourist House)
Av. Barão do Rio Branco, 315 – Centro
Phone: +55 (51) 3626.9150 Ext. 710

Day 1 - Guarita State Park

Departure towards Guarita State Park, the first geosite of the itinerary. There you can find sandstones of the Botucatu formation, with structures of the ancient desert, as well as peperites formed by the interaction of the ancient desert sands and volcanic spills. Basaltic rocks of the Serra Geral formation, of volcanic origin referring to the separation of continents, are bathed by the sea and turning that an unique landscape.

Inside the Park, accompanied by the guide, you will be able to do medium intensity trails and hear about local peculiarities. Visiting the South Tower, with a slight climb by stairs, you can view Itapeva Beach, Guarita Beach and Guarita Tower (Guarita Tower is not possible to climb ). In the North Tower, there are several trails to Cal Beach.

The trails are moderate, but with many ups and downs, ending the day with a refreshing swim in the sea.

At night, the best option is to enjoy dinner on the gastronomic route along the Mampituba River, with excellent dining options featuring seafood as a specialty or in the town pubs.

Day 2 - Itapeva State Park

Visiting day to the second geosite of the itinerary: Itapeva State Park, located 10 km from the city center. This visit must be previuosly booked by calling +55 51 3626 3561. Guided visit only.

The Conservation Unit has a rich biodiversity. In the Park, there are depositions of quaternary sandy sediments, originated by the action of winds in the coastal zone.

Light intensity trail.

On this tour, you can observe the entire Atlantic Forest Biome, flora, fauna, dunes and, at the end, the sea.

Lunch in the city center. Free afternoon in the city.




Mampituba - RS

Departure towards the city of Mampituba, still in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, 42 km from Torres. Place of welcoming people, a characteristic of all municipalities in our itinerary.
Known as the City of Valleys and Waterfalls, this destination offers experiences of natural beauty and faith.

Tourist Service

Mampituba Tourism Department
Av. Herculano Lopes, 220 – Centro
Phone: +55 (51) 3615 2024     +55 (51) 3615 2111

Day 3 - Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida

Arrival in Mampituba. Upon entering the city, one should look for a guide.

Today is the day to plan the tours, because some activities need prior scheduling, such as the tasty and traditional "Café Colonial" (a mix of cafe / bakery / pastry shop serving traditional dishes), lunch or even a dinner.

Free morning and lunch in the city center. In the afternoon, departure towards Vila Brocca, to visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady Aparecida geosite.

High intensity trail with stairs and walkways. During the climb, you can see Botucatu sandstone, lithofacies of sandstone with cross stratification.

In the Sanctuary, give yourself in to a moment of faith and contemplation. From the final lookout, you can see the canyons of Serra Geral, Mampituba river and the valleys of Rio de Dentro and Pedra Branca, landscapes of indescribable beauty.

In the late afternoon, the option is to restore your energy in a delicious "Café Colonial".

Day 4 - Borges Waterfall

The paths lead to the Borges Waterfall geosite.

Medium intensity trail through woods and a scenery that invites you to contemplate the local flora and fauna. In the end, a stunning waterfall and outcrop of tabular basalt lithofacies spill base, which makes this a landscape of geological relevance.

The estimated tour duration is 4 hours with a rest stop and waterfall bath.

Lunch at the restaurant. The entrance to the waterfall must be previously scheduled.

After lunch, the best option is to visit the Estância Museum, where you can listen to local music and stories.

In the afternoon, the tour ends with a typical "Café Colonial" of the region.





Praia Grande (SC )

Praia Grande belongs to the state of Santa Catarina. Known as the Capital of the Canyons, it has a great tourist infrastructure with hotels, inns, restaurants and bars.
The first place to visit is the Tourist Assistance Center. There you can hire a guide and schedule a visit to both geosites.

Tourist Service

Tourist Assistance Center
Rua Irineu Bornhausen, 320 – Centro
Phone: +55 (48) 3532 1425

Day 5 - Malacara Canyon

Arrival in Praia Grande. In the morning, departure towards the Malacara Canyon geosite trail, where we will see the Malacara River embedded in the basaltic rock fractures of the Serra Geral Formation and deposits of blocks and pebbles. This canyon is located within the Serra Geral National Park.

It is considered a medium level trail, with an hour and a half of hiking, in a path by the slope of the river. At the end, pools of crystal clear water.

Lunch in the local community.

Free afternoon for horseback riding through the ancient and historic tropeiros trails, linking Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. Skirting cliffs and canyons, the scenery is stunning.

At the end of the day, shopping and a typical regional dinner.

Day 6 - Rio do Boi

An early departure towards the Rio do Boi (Ox River) geosite at around 8 am, because the trail is closed in the afternoon. There, one can see the river, embedded in basaltic rock fractures of the Serra Geral Formation and deposits of blocks and pebbles.

Getting to know Itaimbezinho Canyon from within is a day-long adventure.

The trail takes place inside the forest and by the riverbed, enjoying all its charms, our flora and fauna. The round trip with a snack break and time to enjoy the scenery takes at least 8 hours.

For this tour, you should hire a local guide in the city center, who will be prepared to make your day unforgettable.

In the late afternoon, when you are already back in town, the option is to have dinner in restaurants or pizzerias.





Cambara do Sul ( RS)

One of the coldest cities in Brazil, featuring the true climate of the south of the country. Rich in its gastronomy, welcoming people, complete tourist infrastructure, it welcomes tourists all year round, mainly for the importance of its two geosites, both of international relevance: the Fortaleza and Itaimbezinho canyons. Arriving in the city, look for one of the agencies located in the city center or the Tourist Assistance Center.

Tourist Service

Casa do Turista (Tourist House)
Avenida Getúlio Vargas, 1720
Phone: +55 (54) 3251 1557

Day 7 - Cambará do Sul

Arrival in Cambará do Sul and lunch in the city center.

Free afternoon for your travel planning.

We suggest visiting the center and enjoying the local cuisine.

Day 8 - Fortaleza Canyon

Departure, properly accompanied by your guide, towards Fortaleza Canyon geosite, embedded in the basaltic rock fractures of the Serra Geral Formation, where volcanic spills can be observed.

The departure should always be in the morning, because in the afternoon, visibility may be compromised due to the weather.

This geosite impresses with its size and it's also being one of the most beautiful. The geological landscape resembles a fortress, hence the name of the canyon.

Inside the Park, visitors can take numerous paths such as the Mirante Trail, with average intensity and duration of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes of walking through beautiful landscapes where you can even see the coastline.

The Tigre Preto (Black Tiger) waterfall trail is a bit more intense, a 3 km route passing through a waterfall. After a stop for a snack, one more adventure follows: the Pedra do Segredo (Stone of Secrets ) trail, one of the most photographed canyon landscapes, a monolithic block of stone 5 meters high weighing approximately 30 tons, which is balanced on a base of only 50 cm.

Free time for the rest of the day. For dinner, excellent traditional restaurants and pubs.

Day 9 - Itaimbezinho Canyon

Early departure towards Itaimbezinho, a canyon inserted in fractures of basaltic rocks of the Serra Geral Formation, where volcanic spills can be easily observed. It is one of the most beautiful scenarios in the script.

In this incredible experience inside the Aparados da Serra Park, the guide will take you on two different trails: the first, the Vertice Trail, a light walk of about 45 minutes, with viewpoints along the way.

At the first lookout, you can see the Cascata das Andorinhas (Swallow Falls). In the second, the Véu de Noiva Waterfall(Bridal Waterfall ). In the third lookout, the two waterfalls.

At the end of the route, pause for a snack.

The adventure continues with the Trilha do Cotovelo (Elbow Trail), a mid-level trail and the longest in Itaimbezinho. It is 6.3 km, passing the canyons and reaching the belvedere where you can see the walls of Itaimbezinho, with Rio do Boi in the middle.

In the afternoon, return to the city.

Rural Life



Jacinto Machado ( SC)

Jacinto Machado is a friendly and surprising city that awaits you with unique landscapes.
The geosites of this route were chosen to delight anyone.

Tourist Service

Jacinto Machado Prefecture
Rua Pool Jorge Zacca, 75 – Centro
Phone: +55 (48) 3535 1133     +55 (48) 3535.1437

Day 10 - Carasal Hill

In the city center, you should contact drivers to schedule your trip and the visits to the geosites.

Food should also be planned previously.

In the morning the departure is towards the Engenho Velho community, where is the Carasal Hill geosite, marked by the existence of acid rocks (rhyolites) with lava flow textures.

The trail is considered medium level but steep, with a 7 km round trip.

The top of the hill provides 360º views of the region, including mountains, coastline and the walls of Fortaleza Canyon.

A spectacular setting with a view that can make any visitor breathless.

At the end of the day, a typical "Café Colonial" of the region.

Day 11 - Tigre Preto Trail

With the monitoring of a guide, the destination is the Costão da Pedra community towards the Tigre Preto (Black Tiger) trail.

Running through the interior of Fortaleza Canyon, the 10km, day-long, medium-intensity trail is filled with enchanting beauty.

Walking through untouched woods and the riverbed, you will have the chance to swim in natural pools, an amazing experience with nature.

As for geological relevance, fittings are observed in fractures of basaltic rocks of Serra Geral and volcanic spills.




Timbé do Sul - SC​

Timbé do Sul is full of beautiful places that call for aventure, known as the Santa Catarina Capital of the Mountains and Crystal Waters. In the city center, it is possible to hire a local guide the two main geosites: the Portal do Palmiro and the Cortina Waterfall.
Both locations can be visited on the same day.

Tourist Service

Rua Pref. Aristides José Bom, 215
Phone: +55 (48) 3536 1133

Day 12 - Cortina Waterfall

In the morning, departure towards the Rocinha community, where the Cortina (Curtain) Waterfall geosite is located.

The trail to the waterfall is an easy level one, with many wild animals to observe and a dense forest.

Perfect photo setting with basalt rock walls and river deposits where tourists can clearly observe the different geological periods of volcanic lava spill. At the base of the waterfall there is a natural pool.

After the trail, return for lunch.

In the afternoon, the tour follows on towards the Portal do Palmiro geosite, with a trail considered to be of a high degree of difficulty and performed only with monitoring guides.

In the walk that lasts approximately three hours, the tourist will have the opportunity to glimpse three waterfalls of crystalline waters: Bromeliads, Begonia and Grota do Macuco.

The highlight of the adventure is a visit to a paleoburrow with several rock formations, shelter of prehistoric animals, excavated in the Botucatu sandstone.

After a day with many walks, nothing better than a bath in the natural pools of Rio Rocinha.






Morro Grande - SC​

Our itinerary ends in spectacular fashion in this forward looking city of hospitable people. In Morro Grande, natural beauties and great discoveries are not lacking. Here, the tourist will be enchanted by the grand and amazing paleoburrows and the Bizungo Waterfall.

Tourist Service

Morro Grande Prefecture
50 Irmãos Biff st - Downtown
Phone: +55 (48) 3544 0015

Day 13 - Paleoburrows

Arriving in the city center, make contact with a local guide and schedule your visit for the afternoon.

Enjoy lunch in the city center.

After lunch, departure to the community of Três Barras.

The activity begins with a light trail towards the paleoburrows, which are caves carved from the sandstone rock of the Botucatu Formation by giant mammals of the Mega Fauna.

In the more than 140 meters of underground galleries, we find claw marks of these animals, a unique portrait more than 10,000 years old. Later on, these same structures would have been used as shelter by Xocleng Indians who lived in the region.

The day ends with lunch and contemplation overlooking the mountains.

Day 14 - Bizungo Waterfall

The day begins with a trip towards the community of Três Barras, where is our final geosite: Bizungo Waterfall.

This is a medium difficulty trail.

Walking through the forest, on the slope of the river, takes us to the waterfall with a height of 110 meters, where you can see the outcrop of the Rio do Rastro Formation, directly overlaid by Serra Geral Formation basalts and the chronological discordance.

In the clear waters, a wonderful waterfall bath invites you to rest.